Facebook Is Testing Out A ‘Dislike’ Button And There’s Surely No Way This Will End Badly, Right?

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Need some more negativity in your life? Well, something that people have been clamoring for on Facebook is being tested out, a “dislike” button, so you might be getting a little more negativity in your life in the near future.

You think people get pissed now when they get an “angry” response to their post, just imagine if this ends up becoming a reality should this test Facebook is running, for now just on Messenger, end up being added to your News Feed.

Reports TechCrunch

TechCrunch reader Hoan Do sent us a tip that Facebook Messenger is showing some users a Reactions option. When you hover over messages friends have sent in a chat thread, you can tap the emoji button to pick from attaching a little thumbs-up Like, thumbs-down Dislike, or a heart-eyes, lol, wow, sad, or angry emoji. Everyone in the thread will then see that Reaction counted below the specific message you attached it to, and you can tap to see a full list of who left which Reaction.

Facebook confirmed this new feature to TechCrunch, saying “We’re always testing ways to make Messenger more fun and engaging. This is a small test where we enable people to share an emoji that best represents their feelings on a message.” That means not everyone has access now, but if people enjoy it, Messenger Reactions could roll out to all users.

Thankfully, as mentioned, this is only being tried out in Messenger do far, but since a “dislike” button has been Facebook’s most asked for feature, there’s always a chance if this tests somehow fairs well it could eventually make a move to your News Feed.

Facebook, however, says they don’t really see it as a “dislike” button…

Facebook sees it as more a “no” button, the company tells me. It says people often use Messenger for planning and coordination, and it’s experimenting to see if a reactions are helpful for quick logistics and voting. That’s why it’s offering a Yes/No option, even though people will naturally see it as a Dislike button too.

It will interesting see how this button “really” gets used though. It’s not like the world needs one more way to be able to cyberbully people.


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