Bro Doesn’t Have The Heart To Dump Facebook Friends, So He Invites Every Single One Out For Coffee

Coffee Facebook Experiment

Elite Daily

Everyday, I consider dumping Facebook. I get as far as searching “how to delete Facebook page” and realize it isn’t as easy as hitting a delete page button, get frustrated, and just ignore it for a couple days.

It’s not the page, it’s the people. That’s my fault. I accepted friend requests from complete strangers or friends of friends. I’m slowly dumping all the people I’ve never met in real life instead of taking the time to delete my entire page.

Matt Kuleza, a 28-year-old student from Melbourne, Australia who faced the same issue — he wanted to dump a load of “friends” from Facebook but decided to do the exact opposite.

“I was just going to do a cull to get rid of people, but then I thought that I should see if I could get to know them instead. It seemed like a cool social experiment, and amazingly has changed my life for the better.”

Instead of kicking friends to the curb he decided to kick it with them in real life. He asked all 1,088 of his Facebook friends to go out for coffee. Not at the same time. He’s meeting them one at a time and documenting the experience on his blog.

He hopes to complete the project in a couple years. Then he’ll probably have to start all over again with all his new Facebook friends.

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