Residents Pissed At Stupid New ‘Facebook Policy’ Enforced By Apartment Complex And This Can’t Be Legal

Facebook Policy Apartment

Every apartment and condo complex has a set of rules that every resident agrees to live by prior to moving into a domicile. The rules are usually regarding noise policy, parking policy and where to stick garbage cans and trash. All simple stuff to make living in complex a little more regimented and uniform so that everyone doesn’t do whatever the hell they want.

Residents of a Salt Lake City apartment building woke up recently to find a new complex rule taped to their doors and it’s probably the dumbest dwelling policy of all time.

Tenants of the City Park Apartments told KSL that a “Facebook addendum” showed up taped to their doors Thursday night.

The contract requires tenants to friend the City Park Apartments on Facebook within five days, or be found in breach of the rental agreement, though some of the tenants already signed a lease agreement months ago.

The document also included a stipulation that allowed the apartment to post photos of tenants and their visitors to their Facebook page? WTF?!?!

Zachary Myers, an attorney who specializes in tenant rights for Hepworth, Murray & Associates in Bountiful, said the contract addendum may not be fair to those who don’t have or are unable to create Facebook accounts.

“The biggest issue that I have with it is that it seems to be discriminatory against elderly individuals and disabled individuals who are unable to utilize an online presence such as Facebook,” he said.

“I signed up for Facebook just so I wouldn’t get kicked out of my apartment” seems like a solid first status update.

Myers said that “if a lease is already signed, a tenant may not be required by law to sign a late add-on.”

Calls to the attorneys for City Park Apartments were not returned Friday.

[via KSL]