This Fake Black Friday Ad That Someone Put Up In Target Is 1,000 Times Better Than The Crap They Usually Offer

Every Black Friday people freak the fuck out just because they can get a 32-inch TV for like $89. So they stand in hellishly long lines, camp out in the freezing cold air, piss in a Gatorade bottle, so that they may earn the privilege of purchasing said 32-inch TV for $89. And that television won’t even be a brand name, it will be made from like some company called “Samsony” or some shit. Most of the crap offered on Black Friday isn’t even what people want, they’re just going out so they can post photos to their Facebook of them in the middle of all the idiotic pomp and circumstance and think they got a deal when they bought “Dead Or Alive 5: Last Round” for $17.99.

Imgur user obviousplant changed the Black Friday deals at his local Target and well frankly, they were an enormous improvement.

I know where Marshawn Lynch is buying his new TV.

I think that girl ate too much lime bubblegum. I know where to get Alex Rodriguez a very special Christmas present!

You could buy the enchanted mayonnaise and the 87 copies of Air Bud and give it to Kyle for his Bar Mitzvah gift.

You knew there was going to be a Star Wars: The Force Awakens section.  Star Wars: The Force Awakens is so hot right now. Looks like the parents can learn how to do Jedi mind tricks on their kids.

If you’re not naming your falcon, “Falcor,” then you’re an asshole.

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