Fake Chef Awesomely Pranks Morning Talk Shows with Inedible Food


Over the holidays, a self-taught chef named Keith Guerke was a guest on several morning TV shows, hawking a book called Leftovers Right and comparing himself to fellow chef GG Allin.

Which should have tipped someone off that something was amiss. Allin was the most notorious rock star in history, a guy known for fighting fans and pissing himself mid-performance—and Guerke is not a chef. He’s Nick Prueher, a co-head of the Found Footage Festival, and he created his alter ego out of boredom and the desire to see how many Midwestern local news channels he could trick into thinking he was legit. It was a lot!

“We’ve been on a lot of morning TV shows promoting the Found Footage Festival and there’s always a chef doing a cooking segment on right before us,” Nick told the Daily Dot. “We thought it’d be a slam dunk to pose as a chef doing a book on what to do with your holiday leftovers, and I drew the short straw to go on-air.”

Either Midwestern niceness is alive and very real, or a few news stations really needed to fill some time. Regardless, Nick purees corn and ham and green beans together in a “leftover shake;” he introduces the “fun” idea of putting mashed potatoes into an ice cream cone; and he drops knowledge bombs like, “Between Thanksgiving and Christmas, there’s one of the highest suicide rates. And I think part of that is the stress of what are you going to do with these leftovers.” This is met with a smile and nod.

The spirit of Steve Brule was alive and well in Illinois recently. Take a look.

[H/T: Daily Dot]