This Bro Set Up A Bunch Of Fake Email Accounts To Troll Scammers And The Results Were Nothing Short Of Brilliant

by 3 years ago

Similar to the ingenious but not quite the same as, comedian James Veitch’s idea to set up a bunch of fake email accounts just so he could fuck with spammers (and then compile the best ones into a book called Dot Con) is a tale as old as time – well, maybe like 2004 or so. Be it Facebook, Tinder or even YouTube, trolling is an art and not just anyone can do it. Sure you can just be a dick online, but that’s not funny. You gotta actually put some thought into what you’re gonna say that’ll get the best response out of whomever you’re trolling.

And that’s where James Veitch comes in:

According to Mashable Veitch replied to “hundreds” of spammers over a two-year period:

“I set up multiple pseudonymous email accounts and began replying to spam,” he explained. “This must have put me on some sort of list because the spam came in a torrent and I replied to as much as I could.” Around 80% of scammers responded, though Veitch said only about one in 30 scams made it to the book.

“Either because they got wise to what I was doing after I pushed it too far or because their email accounts were deleted half way through,” explained Veitch.

Veitch’s book is available on Amazon, but since I’m cheap which means you’re probably cheap too neither of us are going to buy the book and will instead just read the troll exchange below then go on about our days: