This Woman Made A Fake Facebook Profile To Catch Her Niece Plotting To Murder Her

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Girl using Facebook

Is this what we’ve come to as a society? Murder for hire via Facebook? I’d suppose it’s a good idea if you want to see where your hit man went to high school and whether or not he’s in a relationship, but other than that I’d think that anyone offering to murder someone for you over the Internet is a cop.

And yet here we have 19-year-old Marissa Williams, who tried to hire Tre “Topdog” Ellis, a man she met via Facebook, to murder not only her aunt but her uncle, cousin and dog too. Really? The dog? A little overzealous, aren’t we?

It all went to shit though, because “Topdog” was actually Marissa’s aunt who had made a fake Facebook profile in order to monitor her online habits. While that sounds like an annoying parent thing to do, she had good reasons.

Their relationship was strained by Williams’ habits on social media — she allegedly would invite strangers she befriended on sites like Facebook over to her house.
When her aunt asked Williams to stop inviting men she met online to her home and did not allow her to go to parties with strangers, the 19-year-old blocked her aunt on Facebook, prohibiting the woman from seeing what her niece was doing there.

If your niece is inviting random Internet men over to your house, there’s a bigger problem than being blocked on Facebook. For example, maybe the fact that your niece is a blossoming hooker might be a slightly more pressing issue.

Williams began unknowingly talking to her aunt, posing as Ellis, in late May, and on the first day they interacted online, she gave the fictional boy her phone number and home address and asked him to come over and get drunk with her. She then offered to have sex with him if he’d pay her $50 cell phone bill… She then asked the man she’d never met to come kidnap her and take her away from her family. According to the deposition, Williams told ‘Tre’ to shoot and kill her aunt if she tried to stop him.

Yeah guys, cut her some slack she’s got bills to pay! And everyone knows you can’t murder anyone without being caught up on your utilities. Duh.

[H/T Alabama Local News]


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