This Man’s Fart Was So Utterly Beautiful That He Turned It Into A Symphony Masterpiece

The fart is one of the most shunned bodily functions. You wouldn’t get disgusted if someone’s heart was beating or someone’s lungs were taking in oxygen. But if someone’s rectum does it’s job of expelling some nitrogen-rich air with a hint of sulfur, then everybody loses their mind. Instead of fart-shaming his ass, this man celebrated the grandeur of his butt belch with a delightful song.

Redditor, lozzobear, shared a heartwarming story about missing his dear brother. “My brother moved away from town, and I was missing him, so I started texting him farts to let him know I love him.”

During one of his sentimental dedications to his sibling, he realized that he had made beautiful music. “The second it came out I knew it was special,” exclaimed lozzobear.

To the untrained ear, it sounds just like a regular stinky old fart. However this whimsical sphincter whistle actually sounds exactly like the major seventh arpeggio in the key of b flat with a trill at the end. I shit you not.

The masterful trouser cough was combined with musical instruments to create, “Loz’s Magnificent 7-Tone Fart Symphony.” What a work of fart.

Loz, who is part of a comedy duo from Australia called the Shonky Brothers, describes his methane melody, “It is my Magnum Anus, my rectum opus.”

Unfortunately Loz came to the shitty realization, “I fear my best work is behind me.”

You can listen to the final product below and even make it your ringtone!