Look At This Farting Wombat Eating Corn And Tell Me You Don’t Want One And I Won’t Believe You

bbc 2 natural world farting wombat pete


My roommate aka my girlfriend insists on adding to our collection of pets to the point where we’ll be living on a farm in four to five fortnights. We already have two cats and that’s two too many. But, I’d be willing to make an exception for the farting wombat that eats corn from this BBC 2 Natural World video…

According to the video description, the critter is a hairy-nosed wombat named Pete. Way to blow up his spot, why’s he gotta be hairy-nosed? I’d rather go by ‘wet-fart wombat’. Pete is such a bro name to have. He probably already pre-ordered Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare.

Oh, so juuuuuuuicy! That fart was wet as f*ck. Mmmm mmm! Marsupial just made soup in his invisible pantaloons. The face on the guy holding the furball was perfect. Of course, it wasn’t you, dude, but man, it would be sweet having the ability to throw your farts like a ventriloquist of the south mouth.

Pre-fart, the wombat needed to focus, hence, turning down that sweet sweet corn. Then, he delivers and gives a little wink as if to say, can’t nobody top that, baby.

After watching the wombat’s feeding habits, I would definitely lose a hand or two. Jesus. That thing eats like a convict fresh out the joint. No nibbles whatsoever, just straight chomping and snapping. What an animal! Eats like a man on fire then passes gas like an angry gorilla. Got lady wombats lining up down the block for a shot to knock da boots.

“All power. It’s like holding on to one big muscle”. That’s motivation to keep hitting the gym, Slim.