The Must-Have Fashion Of The Winter Is El Chapo Shirts

Do you stay up at night, unable to sleep, starring at the ceiling wondering how you could be the billionaire drug kingpin and head of a huge drug conglomerate like the Sinaloa Cartel? While you might not be able to be El Chapo, and you can’t murder like Joaquin Guzman, but you can slay the ladies by dressing like the merciless drug lord.

A clothing store in Los Angeles is selling fantastically snazzy shirts that have similar styles that were worn by El Chapo. That’s right, you can get these hideously awful threads that appear in photos with actor Sean Penn’s Rolling Stone interview with the cartel boss.

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The store, Barabas, are selling two shirts that are extremely similar to the ones El Chapo wore. The “Fantasy” shirt features vertical blue stripes and is “filled with an abstract design that makes it stand out.” The “Crazy Paisley” a shirt is “definitely one to wear on a night on the town,” or when crawling through tunnels trying to escape the authorities.

*Drug cartel not included.

Want to look like the former most wanted man in the world? It will set you back a cool $128 per shirt. Might have to start a drug cartel to afford these dazzling shirts.

“We noticed on Saturday night,” store owner Shawn Esteghbal said. “I was sleeping in bed and got a lot of phone calls and messages; my customers and friends were telling me, this is your shirt that El Chapo is wearing!”

And the people demand to look like El Chapo. “Orders keep coming in, people really want that shirt!” Looks like El Chapo can not only sell meth, heroin and cocaine, but also shirts.

To promote their clothing with the most wanted drug kingpin who has directly or indirectly killed thousands of people seems a rather peculiar move by a company that has a slogan of “Good words. Good thoughts. Good deeds.” But they are giving you a chance to win the El Chapo shirts, so I guess that is a good deed.

Esteghbal justified his business decision to market the shirts from a known criminal. “I understand he’s a most wanted man, but everybody knows him!” Esteghbal said.

El Chapo probably has a much different fashion sense now that he is in a maximum security prison.

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