Two Girls Pulled Up To A Fast Food Pick Up Window And OH GOD IS THAT GUY FAPPING ON OUR PIZZA?!?

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You’re on your way home from a long week of work. You decide to treat yourself to some fast food. You killed it this week; your TPS reports were fucking flawless, you deserve this. You carefully decide which chain you’re going to gorge at this evening and then it hits you: I haven’t eaten Pizza Hut since I faked reading all those books for Book It in middle school. LET’S DO THIS.

You pull in. You give your order. Then when you drive ahead to the pick-up window and you see this…which is exactly what two girls saw at a Pizza Hut pick-up window in Lexington, Kentucky.

wQT7Qtk - Imgur.jpg


wQT7Qtk - Imgur.jpg

Bro, you fappin’? You harvestin’ your crops on the job? SAVAGE.

Would you eat the food? Knowing that this fat, sweaty fuck might have touched it with his dick-cheese hands? I don’t think you would. Then again, you might be super hungry and not put off when you find a rogue pube or top of your pie. To you it might be like ordering a pepperoni pizza and finding one, lone banana pepper on top. A nice, unexpected treat.

According to the post on Facebook, Pizza Hut took swift action and the gross employee has already been fired. That’s the kind of brutal justice we like to see. The brand isn’t defined by one bad seed, but how quickly they do the right thing and terminate that seed.



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