This Fast Food Restaurant Accepts Dab Hits Instead Of Cash

I hate doing dabs, they make me go from “semi-functional maybe-adult person” to “drooling TGI Friday’s potato skin” in a minute flat. That’s all fine and dandy if I’m planning on parking my ass in front of a television for a few hours, but if I’m working? Not so much.

According to the YouTube description:

We offered dabs instead of cash while ordering over the speaker at our local burger spot. To our surprise they said sure pull on up!

Guarantee you that at least 50% of the orders that the dab-hitters made that day were wrong. Great job guys, no one likes opening their greasy bag of burger shits and seeing a box of fries sitting at the bottom when you actually ordered onion rings. Y’all just ruined some lunches right now, and Karma’s a bitch.