This Is The Fastest Way To Chill Your Beer, According To Science

by 2 years ago

Sometimes we forget to put our beer on ice before hitting the beach. Other times, we purchase it from the store and they didn’t have any pre-chilled beer so we’re forced to toss it in the cooler and hope for the best. When this conflicts with the immediate need for ice cold beer then we have a problem. Thankfully, science is pretty awesome and there are some quick and handy tips that will leave you with chilled beer in five minutes or less.

Sarah Chodosh at Popular Science put together this informative article on the various ways to chill your beer as fast as possible. The MOST EFFECTIVE way is the ‘saltwater method’. Here’s what that looks like:

This is the most basic and practical way to cool drinks because virtually everyone has the materials to do it. The process is simple:

1. Fill a container (something insulted like a cooler is best) with ice, water, and lots of salt. You really can’t overdo it on the salt here, but you can overdo it on ice. Make sure to add enough water to surround the drinks, since that gives you the maximal surface area to cool the beer inside.
2. Submerge your cans and/or bottles as much as possible. Make sure that they aren’t packed too tightly, since you want the icy water to flow around each container. If you’ve put the drinks in a cooler with a top, close the top.
3. Wait. This should only take about five minutes.
4. That’s it! Enjoy your chilled beer.(via PopSci)

You can speed up this process even further with the ‘spin trick’. Spinning the can or bottle inside of the saltwater will leave you with ice cold beer in less than five minutes. For an explanation of the spinning technique and why saltwater chills the beer so fast, you can CLICK HERE to head on over to Popular Science.

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