This Company Couldn’t Sell Its Ad Space, So Instead They Threw Up Some Pictures Of A Hairy Fat Dude Undressing

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No one likes advertisements. It’s why most (smart) people use Adblock on their browsers and fast forward through commercials using DVR’s. As for ads that get plastered up on billboards, we just ignore them. If I don’t look at it, it’s not really working, right? Well when it came to an advertising campaign from Y&R Not Just Film that was trying to sell billboard space, they realized that in order to even sell the space in the first place, they’d have to grab your attention…so they threw up a hairy fat dude that you couldn’t not look at.


Right now you’re thinking “Yeah okay whatever, he’s not the prettiest, why do I care?” Well…


Meh. Still not pretty, but…


Okay you now have my full and undivided attention out of the pure fear that I’m going to get stuck in traffic looking at a naked fat man on the way to work.


Okay FINE, I’ll pay whatever sum of money you want as long as you don’t scar my mind with the sight of a fat flaccid dick.


Oh…false alarm. Annndddd I’m back to ignoring everything around me.

[H/T Elite Daily]
[Photos via Imgur]

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