Father of the Year Creates Tumblr Detailing Why His Son Won’t Stop Crying

by 6 years ago

One person who does is this unknown father, who's created a hilarious Tumblr “Reasons My Son Is Crying” that dryly lays out why his kid cries each day. The picture diary includes a near-daily picture of the baby boy bawling under captions like “His brother pretended to sing for one second.” It's birth control in Tumblr form. And the U.S. government should show it in sex ed classes from here till eternity. Some highlights:

“He is in a giraffe costume.”

“I asked him to thank his brother for sharing Buzz Lightyear.”

“I wouldn't let him drown in this pond.”

“He asked me to put butter on his rice. I put butter on his rice.”

“We suggested that he play with a train.”

“He threw his dinner plate on the ground. He now wants to eat dinner.”

“I have no idea why my son is crying.”

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