Father Gives TOUGH Love When His Son Asks For Money For An Abortion After His Side Chick Gets Pregnant

This loving, bonding moment between a father and his son is brought to you by the good people over at WorldStarHipHop. The son decides to reveal to his father that he impregnated his side chick while they are in the car and there’s a small child in the backseat, that doesn’t seem to have a carseat or her seatbelt on. Thankfully, the son recorded this momentous occasion and his father’s priceless guidance to share with the entire world.

The father reacts to the joyous news of a bouncing new baby by saying, “Maaaaan, I told you man. I TOLD you man! I told yo dumb ass!” The son explains that alcohol played a part in the unplanned pregnancy, but the concerned father isn’t excusing the poor lapse in judgement. The son reveals that his sidepiece is only a couple weeks pregnant, and asks his father for $200 for an abortion. The dad remorsefully concedes, “I ain’t givin’ her shit!” The father gracefully expounds on why he won’t assist monetarily with the sudden dilemma that has arisen, “I didn’t put no dick in her.” Dad has a valid point right there.

While the father refuses to give his son the money for an abortion, he does offer some financial advice to the youngster, “Like I toldya, you betta go out there and suck you some dick or whatever goddamnit to get that money up.” A simple “Get a second job” probably would have sufficed, but this more graphic scenario illustrates the dire consequences of the situation at hand.

“I don’t want another baby man,” said the son. The father retorted by saying, “Well you shouldn’t have been fucking.” To which the son replied, “She got some good pussy.” Touché.

“A father is neither an anchor to hold us back, nor a sail to take us there, but a guiding light whose love shows us the way.” – Anonymous