Father Takes Kid On Week-Long Backpacking Trip With Just $15 To Teach Him These Valuable Lessons

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Dad And Son Backpacking

Pu Wei and his 8-year-old son, Dou Ge, left their home in Xi’an, China, last Thursday and embarked on a seven-day, 372 mile walk through the country. The father wants to teach his son “about the hardships of life” and took only 100 yuan ($15) to survive the week and pay for food and lodging.

His son was actually excited about the idea.

“Dou Ge is naturally curious, and every day during this trip, whenever I see how excited he is to discover new things, it pushes me forward to go on with the trip,” says Pu.

The dad’s reason? He wasn’t trying to be a dick or punish the kid for anything. He was just trying to teach him some simple life lessons.

Eager for his son to learn the importance of being humble and kind, Pu assured Chinese media that his son was equally as enthusiastic to embark on the adventure and proved to be a great source of support during the trip.

During the trip, father and son worked hard labour in return for a roof over their head. Pu said that many strangers have kindly offered them food and free rides, which he and Dou Ge gladly appreciates.

The duo kept people updated on their journey using dad’s Weibo account.

While this excursion is probably the toughest thing the kid has done in his life, this is a cakewalk for dad compared to his other adventures. He’s the first Chinese man from Shaanxi to have conquered Mount Everest.

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