FBI Shuts Down Online Drug Marketplace

Today, the federal government (WHO SHOULD BE DOING BETTER THINGS WITH THEIR TIME) arrested the current proprietor of the online-drug marketplace Silk Road, in San Francisco. Ross William Ulbricht was charged with a whole host of conspiracy crimes, including narcotics trafficking, computer hacking and money laundering.

The site became famous in recent years as a relatively low-risk way to purchase drugs. It essentially worked like an illegal Ebay, with sellers listing products and receiving feedback from buyers on both their reliability and the quality of their product. According to several features done on the site, users could score anything from cocaine to heroin to LSD with a mouse click.

But now, the government (who we would like to remind you is currently shuttered yet somehow found time to arrest a non-violent drug offender), is ending that fun. So if you are a Silk Road user in need of a fix, good luck. Maybe Jesse Pinkman is still in the game

[H/T Reuters]