FBI Searching Site Where Legend Of A Ton Of Union Gold Worth $55 Million From Civil War Said To Be

by 1 year ago
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Everyone loves a good buried treasure story. Even the FBI. The long-rumored stash of Union treasure has intrigued the U.S. federal government so much that they sent a team of FBI agents to attempt to retrieve the valuable cache of gold that went missing during the Civil War. Dozens of FBI agents were sent to a remote area of Pennsylvania to try to find a ton of gold that could be worth as much as $55 million.

This legend of massive riches dates back 155 years when a shipment of gold was headed to the U.S. Mint in Pennsylvania. The Civil War-era shipment was sent by President Abraham Lincoln on a 400-mile mission and was supposed to pay Union Army soldiers. However, the Battle of Gettysburg erupted in 1863, which caused the gold to be hidden to avoid seizure by Confederate soldiers. Legend has it that the cache of gold was hidden northeast of Pittsburgh. Treasure hunters have found the wagon train as well as dead Union soldiers in St. Marys, Pennsylvania, but the gold was nowhere to be found.

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