Know Someone Who’s Scared Of Flying? This Study About Getting Laid Might Change Their Life

Commercial airline pilot turned licensed therapist, Tom Bunn, is a man who knows the value of getting laid. He’s started the SOAR Program, a therapy regiment that boasts of curing over 7,000 people worldwide of their fear of flying, and he seems to have stumbled onto a cure for most people’s fear of flying: staying up all night having raunchy sex.

FOX News reports:

“I had a male client who said he had a fear of flying for seven years,” says Bunn, who founded the SOAR program to help people with a fear of flying. “Every time he flew he was totally miserable, except for one time when, before he came back from a business trip, he hooked up with someone. He said they didn’t get any sleep. They made love all night long and he dragged himself out of bed onto the airplane and had a perfectly anxiety-free flight.”

Sure, there are drugs that can block the rapid-consolidation effects of serotonin (but not Prozac, which the MIT researchers warn may actually worsen symptoms by enhancing serotonin’s effects). But the big key to curing this type of post-traumatic stress, according to the MIT study, is preventing these traumatic memories from consolidating in the brain in the first place.

Bunn says your body can do that by producing another chemical: oxytocin, a hormone that plays a big role in sex and reproduction by bonding us to other humans. It also shuts down the part of the brain, the amygdala, where serotonin does its dirty work to help consolidate fearful memories.

Your body tends to produce oxytocin when: you’re a mother nursing a baby (so that anxieties and other concerns don’t cause you to stop nursing the baby); when we coo over a cute newborn baby (so that we feel compelled to protect and care for the baby so it can grow up and reproduce); and, here’s the important part, right before and right after you’ve had sex.

Bunn believes it’s the residual Oxytocin production from knocking the boots until the break of dawn that is the greatest factor in a patient overcoming her/his fear of flying. Going with the age old psychological belief that all humans are either passively or actively thinking about getting laid 24/7/365, once that person gets laid all of the anxiety tied to that is reduced.

Once you dip your wick until the break of dawn all of the pent up anxiety about getting laid disappears, and that makes your entire travel experience much more pleasurable….Or so he says.

To check out the full study you can CLICK HERE to get over to FOX News, and to learn more about Tom Bunn’s SOAR therapy program that combats the fear of flying you can CLICK HERE to head on over to his website.