Six Scientific Features That Men And Women Find Attractive In Each Other, So Take Notes (Or Don’t. Up To You.)

We all want someone, anyone — everyone, really — to find us attractive. It’s human nature and it hurts our ego when people think we’re repulsive. We can’t help everything about the way we look, but there are some sloppy things we can change. Well…I guess that’s not true, if you have enough money can change every single thing about yourself, except for your height and your disgusting, narcissistic soul. YOUR NEW CALF IMPLANTS WON’T MAKE PEOPLE LIKE YOU, JEFF!

Anyway, above we have six things that, according to science, men find attractive in women. And don’t think you we’re off the hook, gents. Because below are six things you can do so that women find you more attractive. A good first step is to stop thinking that no one sees you picking the everliving shit out of your nose at a stop light, because they do.
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