Man Proposes To His Girl On The Jumbotron At Fenway Park And — LOL! — She Said ‘No’, Then They Argued

Hot take time: Public sporting event marriage proposals are the most obnoxious thing in the world. Public proposals are the worst in general, but proposals on a Jumbotron at a ballpark or arena are next-level obnoxious. Besides being cliche and unoriginal and not intimate AT ALL, it puts an exorbitant amount of pressure on someone to answer a question they may not be ready to answer. Fuck these proposals so hard.

A Red Sox fan dropped the question on his girl at Fenway. She did exactly what all women should do if they’re asked to give their hand in marriage at a sporting event: Give a firm, solid “no”.

Hopefully this means we see less and less of these in the future.

Hate to say it, but bro, you deserved to have your heart broken here.