Watching A Ferrari 550 Maranello GT Climb A Hill At 120+ MPH Is Better Than Porn

There are few things as orgasmic as experiencing a fine Italian supercar. The sudden acceleration when you hit the throttle. The feel of G-forces speeding into a turn. The sound of a V12 roaring like a lion. It’s the ultimate rush.

A few weeks ago I posted an insane GoPro video of a Formula One car climbing a hill in Switzerland. This might be better — A Ferrari 550 Maranello GT tearing through the Italian countryside at breakneck speeds, filling the autumn mountain air with that unmistakable Ferrari hum. It’s better than porn.

Who wants to play Forza all weekend? Because for most of us, that’s as close as we’ll ever get to doing something like this.

[H/T: Esquire]