Jerk In A Ferrari Ignores ‘No Parking’ Sign, Is Pissed To Find His Car Surrounded By Antiques Fair

You are not exempt from ‘no parking’ signs, regardless of how expensive your car is. Just because you drive a sick ass Ferrari and have the grandest swinging Richard in all of Southeast England, you’re going to get treated like everyone else when it comes to rules.

This Ferrari driver ignored the ‘no parking’ sign and parked his car overnight only to come back and find that there was a large antique fair set up around his vehicle. Obviously, he wasn’t pleased about being boxed in. You can even hear this dude yelling at people like a complete dickhead, taking zero stock of himself for parking in an area that was clearly marked as ‘no parking’.

What makes this particularly funny, at least I think it’s what makes it funny, is the driver parked on the 9th level of a parking garage that was heavily marked. He chose the 9th level of the Brighton Marina parking garage for god knows why, ignored the signs, and then got treated like an asshole who ignores signs.

In order to get his car out of the fair, he had to drive straight through the crowd. Inch by inch. Forcing traders and vendors to move their items out of the way because he’s an idiot.

I imagine it went something like Shame….Shame….Shame…..Shame….Shame…. (h/t HuffPo)

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