Vicious Fight Continues Even After Fighters Slam Through Gym Window

Standard fight etiquette maintains that if one combatant is thrown through a window of a local business, the fight is usually concluded. But that was not the case in this fight from over the weekend.

Little backstory is given as the brawl gets underway, but the skinnier of the two is made quick work of by the larger and more dishonorable fighter.

Throwing your competitor through a plate glass window is usually a risky move on account of the high probability of deathbut this dude doesn’t bother to check and see if his opponent’s spleen is protruding from his stomach, and simply continues wailing away.

Special shout-out to this guy, who intently watches the brawl with a burger and soda in hand like he’s sitting comfortably at a Mayweather fight in Vegas.

[Video and Images via Worldstar]