The Worst Fights, Riots And Complete Mayhem From Black Friday

Thanksgiving, a day to express how grateful you are for the many gifts that have been bestowed upon you. Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving where you trample, maul and fight fellow human beings in an attempt to get a television for a few dollars cheaper. Retailers secretly embrace the spectacle that is Black Friday because it offers the prospect of garnering massive exposure for their business. Enormous crowds gather outside their brick and mortar stores eagerly awaiting the opportunity to buy a SodaStream for $11 less than normal. Meanwhile the media realizes the potential for a trampling death of an elderly old man and spotlight the worst in humanity in what would generally be a slow news day. All these factors plus the atrocious greed and selfishness of humans make for a Hunger Games-esque fight to the death clash of getting a Olaf from Frozen t-shirt. Here are the very worst fights, riots and marauding fuckery from Black Friday 2014.

Man Gets Tasered At Walmart

Crazy Unnecessary Riot At Mall, Complete With “WorldStar!” War Cry

Fight Between Two Grown Men Over A Child’s Convertible Car At Walmart In Houston

Fight Between Some Gals At Victoria’s Secret
(I hope they’re buying panties for their sexier friends)

Man Attacks Children Doing Harmless Prank At Walmart On Black Friday

Black Friday Shoppers In England Getting Trampled

Two Men Battle For Television, Which They Probably Broke While Scuffling Over It

More Men Brawling Over A TV, Which Will Probably Be The Same Price On Cyber Monday

Black Friday Fights Compilation Video