Fire-Breather At A High School Pep Rally Causes A Riot When He Sets Himself And The Gym On Fire

fire-breather high school pep rally


Note to all high school faculty and administrators: when setting up your next pep rally you might want to take a pass on the fire-breather.

That out of the way, take three guesses which state this idiocy took place? Check that, take one guess because you’ll get it on the first try.

Did you say Florida? Well done.

To be more precise, this act of stupidity took place at Atlantic Community High School in Delray Beach where the school was having a pre-SAT pep rally involving said fire-breather.

There was also a bouncy house for some reason, which plays into this epic mess because the fire-breather thought it’d be smart do his schtick while on the bouncy house.

This was a crucial mistake as you will see when pandemonium breaks out and ends up sending a reported eight people to the hospital.

Another angle…

No word yet on how much this chaotic, life-threatening event improved the kids’ SAT scores.

H/T SportsGrid