YouTuber Accidentally Sets Fire To His Apartment, Tries To Put It Out With Cardboard, Burns Everything Down


YouTube / Mitt

Everyone who’s hooked up to the Internet has by now seen footage of someone doing a live stream at some point. Whether it’s a gamer, a comedian, President Obama delivering a nationwide address, or some Japaese dude burning down his entire apartment after accidentally starting a fire, we’ve all seen someone on YouTube streaming themselves live. This video of a ‘live streamer’ is a cut above the rest, because in a few short moments we go from meaningless video on YouTube to ‘wow, now I know what it looks like when someone’s entire apartment burns down’.

I’m not exactly certain why this guy thought that using cardboard to put out a fire was a good idea. Maybe he’s actually an alien and today’s his first day on the planet, and therefore he had no idea that cardboard is actually really, really, ridiculously flammable? Or maybe he was just panicking because all of his possessions (and his apartment) were going up in flames?

fI’m not sure if we’ll ever find out what his rationale was, but I think it’s safe to assume that as ‘live streaming’ becomes more and more prevalent in society we’ll see more and more disaster videos like this one in the (in the future).