Man Dies After Fireman Refuses To Cross Street And Help Him

by 5 years ago

A 77-year-old Oregon man collapsed across the street from a fire station. His daughter rushed to the fire house for help, but the fire man flat out refused to help. People attempted to wave him over but the dude just stood there and watched as the man died on the scene.

“We looked across the street at the fire station. There was a firefighter that was actually standing against the fire apparatus,” she told CNN affiliate WJLA. “Everybody started trying to wave him over.” But the firefighter said he had to be dispatched first.”

Asshole. You’re a servant of the people. In that moment, you’re there to assist in any way possible. Would you rather the woman light her father on fire? Would you help him then?

To add insult to injury, or death in this case because the poor old man ended up dying right there on the street, the emergency vehicle was late getting to the scene because it got the address wrong.

If you live in this town, I’d suggest moving or driving to the next town in a real emergency.

[via Fox 12 Oregon]