This Bro Shot Off 300 Fireworks At Once And My Own Rocket Just Went From Six To Midnight

In celebration of hitting his one-millionth subscriber on YouTube this bro (Colin Furze) pooled together 300 ‘rockets’ (bottle rockets on steroids) and set them all off at once. The result is nothing short of spectacular. These fireworks and explosions are how I like to imagine the skies looked when we drove the Redcoats out of ‘Merica.

I’m 99.99% certain I’m not alone here in my obsession with fireworks. If there was a fireworks show 365 days a year I’d attend as often as I could, schedule permitting. I’ve even mentioned in the past here on BroBible that there should be a fireworks amusement park, where visitors bought a ticket each night and were treated to the most badass fireworks show imaginable. People would pay, that fireworks amusement park would be ridiculously successful.

The fact that we’re entering ‘fireworks season’ here in America and this video popped up on YouTube is a complete coincidence, as the dude in the video (Colin Furze) is British. So apologies to Colin if I conjured up sour memories by talking about the skies light up bright as we drove the Redcoats out of the U.S. of A….actually, ‘sorry I’m not sorry’ would be more appropriate here. Colin is the man though, if you think back to last Summer you’ll recall a video I posted of his in which he built a gigantic ‘fart machine’ that he drove to the coast, and proceeded to send flaming farts at the country of France for hours.

Here’s some of those glorious fireworks highlights in GIF: