Canadian Man Has Discovered The Secret To Catching Giant Tuna: Using Crack Cocaine As Bait

One man from North Lake Prince Edward Island, Canada has discovered the key to catching giant blue fin tuna, one of the most sought after game fish in the world. The man, Leonard Grey, has taken to using crack cocaine as bait, and is claiming that the tuna go NUTS for it.

Leonard claims that it all started when his brother-in-law had a bit of a crack addiction, so he and his wife decided to do an intervention and confiscated the brother’s stash. Leonard told him he was taking it out into the middle of the ocean and getting rid of it, so the addict would never see it again.

And that he did. He took it out on the boat with him blue fin tuna fishing, threw the crack overboard, and he claims less than one minute later all different species and sizes of fish showed up. Then he claims a blue fin tuna showed up and took his crack, then his bait, then another blue fin showed up and took more bait and more crack. Therefore he decided that the crack cocaine is what catches the fish. Mmmhmmm.

You can listen to full audio of Leonard telling his story on the CBC.

So what’s the one major problem with using crack as bait? Obviously it’s procuring the crack. He claims it was an extremely nerve wrecking experience to go to the seedy areas of town to get the crack at first, but nowadays Leonard has a steady crack dealer who knows he’s only using it for fishing bait.

You cannot make this shit up….or can you? I’m of the heart and mind that this is real, but I’m curious as to what you bros think. Answers down below in the comments.


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