This Spearfishing Video Is Not Only A Vegan’s Worst Nightmare, It Also Features The Perfect Bikini Butt

With so much of the nation gripped by Arctic winds, I thought it’d be nice to live vicariously through these spearfishing divers for a few minutes. Watch as these bros, and a woman with quite possibly the most perfect bikini butt of all time, make their way across a reef in north west Australia.

The amount of close-encounters with sharks would be enough to keep a lot of people out of the water, but these are Aussies that we’re talkin’ about. They have no need for personal safety, they’re just out there shootin’ up the reef and baggin’ whatever fish they can.

To those of you wondering why they’d cut the fish and let that blood into the open water, it’s a trick to keep the fish meat fresher by letting the fish bleed out.

via ShockMansion

Now if that didn’t warm your soul I don’t know what will, maybe you’re just a vegan who hates any sort of harm to animals.

Because obviously this is animal molestation:

And this is animal cruelty:

9 out of 10, would watch again. Tip of the hat to r/fishing for this video.


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