Straya’n Mate Hops Right On The Fecken Backava Tigah Shark—Because Australians Are Insane



The thing I love the most about this video of a man jumping from a dock onto the back of a deadly tiger shark is that it wouldn’t happen anywhere other than Australia.

Even though I can hear them talking, I really can’t decipher what they’re saying. So for now I’ll just assume it went something like this:

“Oy, mate, look at that fecken’ tiger shark swimming down there! I bet you won’t hop right on that shark’s back…”
“Feck you mah bruh, I’m gonna hop right up on that suckah before eee nose waaats hit ’em!”

And then he jumped onto the back of a tiger shark. Because he’s smart, and that’s what smart people do.

I’d like to also congratulate whoever took this video for it being the first one I’ve seen in years whose resolution maxes out at 144p. Frankly, these days that’s a f*cking accomplishment. Given how prevalent camera phones are with incredible resolution you’d almost have to go out of your way to find a potato capable of shooting at a dismal 144p. Kudos you, you crazy ass ‘strayans.

This is the tooth of a tiger shark. Notice how it’s serrated on the back end, and designed to slice perfectly upon entry. Then to shred on the way out. The tiger shark’s teeth are actually the perfect too for destroying apart flesh. And this is the shark he decided to pounce upon. Brilliant.


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