Aussie Bros Fishing For Huge Ass Crabs In A Muddy Mangrove Swamp Is The Most Australian Video Ever


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This just might be the most Australian video I’ve ever watched. In it we’ve got two Aussie bros working on a web series named ‘TDK’. This is the third episode of their series, and in previous episodes they’ve gone spearfishing for tilapia and they’ve caught some gigantic eels. This time around they’re ‘fishing’ for mudcrabs, known as the ‘bacon of the swamp’. I put fishing in quotes there because this entails them trudging around in the muddy mangrove swamp (mosquitoes, crocs, and all), and picking up these enormous mudcrabs by hand.

I’m no stranger to crabbing. I’ve caught stone crab throughout my life down here in Florida, using the ‘tickle stick’ to get the crab into my bag (just like Florida lobster fishing). However, I’ve never done any of this in Australia because everything I know about Australia has led me to believe that entering a swamp in Australia equals certain death.

I didn’t spot any near-death experiences here, but I have to assume that these bros later died from whatever insect bites they experience while trudging around out in the swamps. That, or they cut out the footage of the saltwater crocs lunging at them, trying to take off a leg. This is Australia after all, a place where you’re never more than a few inches from a deadly animal, insect, or creature.

That said, this was a badass video and it was some cool insight to catching mudcrabs in Australia, an activity I didn’t even know existed until today.