Fists Of Fury Fly During Ferocious Fight Between Waffle House Coworkers

Do you know that when you do a Google search of “Waffle House Fight” there are about 1,040,000 results. And we’ve seen some pretty spectacular physical altercations at the Southern institution. And this latest brouhaha is certainly one of the more furious brawls to go down at Waffle House.

The two Waffle House employees get into a heated argument and the gloves are off! Well, the gloves are not technically off because both gentlemen fought with their plastic gloves for food handling still on their hands. Not much defense in this melee. Both combatants had the strategy of leave yourself open and pray that you connect with your flurry of wild punches before the other guy does. In the end, it didn’t appear that anyone connected with any real blows. The real losers of this fight were the patrons at this Waffle House. I hope they weren’t expecting their country hashbrowns and Texas bacon lover’s cheesesteak melt anytime soon.