I’m Going To Hell For Laughing At These Five Chicks Getting Absolutely Bamboozled By A Car After A Fight Breaks Out

If God was still deciding if I’m going to hell or not, I think I just sealed my fate because I not only watched this 31 times, but I laughed every single time. Like knee slapping shit. And I guess in a way that makes me glad that it happened? I certainly didn’t bother Googling “Are those chicks that mowed down by a motor vehicle in St. Louis okay?” Because to be honest, whatever. But If I dare find a silver lining in this massacre, I’d say that if I’m going to get drilled by any car, I’d prefer it to be that Pontiac. Pretty sure that think has a horsepower. Like one. And the horse has arthritis in its knees. But Pontiac’s staring a golden opportunity in the face right here. “Attention potential drug dealers looking to buy a Pontiac: our cars are powerful enough to take out your whole clique!”

When she texts you to come over before her boyfriend get home…


R.I.P Chick in the turquoise.

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