These Are the Five Stages of Drunkeness, According to a Sloshed 19th-Century Gentleman

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This is not a hipster who took an “ironic” trip to an old-timey village and had one too many PBRs in the photo booth. This is an actual man from the 19th century, showing the “effects of inebriation;” or, what happened when a gentleman imbibed too many whiskeys and got kicked out of his saloon for yelling slurs at the Irish.

The hilarious photos were first spotted by Juxtapoz Magazine. They say the pictures, taken by Charles Percy Pickering in the 1860s, are probably staged, used for “educational” purposes used by temperance unions.

So you’re looking at a serious effort made by teetotalers to warn off anyone who might have a drink. Remarkably, these are the same people who got alcohol banned in the U.S. in 1920. (A wildly successful movement, as we all know: you couldn’t get a drink ANYWHERE in the 1920s.)

Stage One:


Stage Two:


Stage Three:


Stage Four:


Stage Five:


[H/T: Juxtapoz, via Huffington Post]


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