This Man is America: Watch a Guy in Flag T-Shirt Tackle Escaped Inmate

Security cameras captured the whole shebang. Watch as Myers attempts to buy an iced tea and lighter only to instead be BODYSLAMMED to the ground by Cooper, who had already called the authorities before making his move. You then see Cooper tie the convict up, then presumably escape into the night on his personal bald eagle.

And before anyone cries, Vigilante justice is bad! (Well, maybe none of our readers, but someone out there): Myers was an awful criminal who made no secret that he was a widely publicized escaped prisoner. He…

A. Walked into a convenience store and asked to use the store phone—who does that?
B. Bought an iced tea at a counter that held his very own mug shot.
And… C. Actually carried his jail yard coat into the establishment.

This guy was never going to make it to that boat on Zihuatanejo.

[H/T: NY Post]