We Need To Quarantine Texas After Second Man Has Leg Infected With Flesh-Eating Bacteria (Warning: GNARLY)



People probably thought I was speaking hyperbolically when I said last week that Texas needed to get the fuck out of the Union after a flesh-eating bacteria took a man’s leg.

Well, I wasn’t. I figured things would get worse before they got better, and travel restrictions and passport control should be implemented and a chainlink fence topped with barbed wire erected.

Do you agree with me now after a second person in Texas got attacked by the same bacteria, and may lose their leg due to it?

What about after you see the picture?

Adrian Ruiz was in Port Aransas, Texas, 210 miles south of Galveston, where Brian Parrott was when he contracted the bacteria, according to Fox News. So basically the whole coast is ripe with it.

Ruiz has now been in the hospital for ten days, fighting the infection, and doctors are worried they’ll need to amputate his leg as well.

And his leg looks 100 times more gnarly than Parrott’s ever did.

Do you … wanna? Okay, but you’re gonna have to scroll for a bit.

Brace yourself.

Seriously, it’s bad.

You aren’t going to be happy you did.


Here you go.



Fuck. No.

Mr. Ruiz is currently at the ICU at Seton Medical Center Hays, and doctors there believe it is the same bacteria, vibrio, that attacked Parrott’s leg.

It’s gotten so bad that state officials are warning anyone with an open wound to not go into the ocean.

Or just not go to Texas.

[Via Daily Mail]

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