Huge Brawl Breaks Out 30,000-Feet In The Air During Flight Forcing Plane To Make Emergency Landing

A mile high fight club erupted during a Ryanair flight from Belgium to Malta. The fighting was so intense and scary that the plane was forced to make an emergency landing in Pisa, Italy. There had to be even more fights once the plane landed by passengers infuriated by those assclowns who caused their flight to be diverted.

Video has emerged of the scary brouhaha that happened mid-flight and 30,000-feet in the air. Two men were throwing punches at each other as the flight crew and passengers tried to break up the brawl. Still better in-flight entertainment than most shitty movies offered by airlines.

“It was chaos for about ten minutes until there was an announcement that the plane was being diverted and passengers managed to restrain them with belts,” one witness said. “They were attacking everyone around them and one of the men even slapped a stewardess in the face.”

Witness Tommy Engerer said “the fight was between two men and their respective female partners.”

Once the plane diverted to Pisa the four people involved in the fight were arrested.

I guess on the bright side those unruly passengers could go check out the Leaning Tower of Pisa once they get out of jail.