Florida Man Drinks A Couple Four Lokos, Blacks Out, Steals A Boat, Crashes It Onto Beach

by 9 months ago

How was your weekend? Get crazy? Do some regrettable shit? Well, whatever you did, at least you didn’t overindulge in caffeinated alcoholic beverages, steal a boat and get arrested. Jonathan Race saw everyone else having a wild weekend and that’s when he stepped up to the plate and said, “Hold my Four Loko.” Race got blitzed off of some Four Loko, blacked out, stole a boat, and crashed it onto a beach. I remember my first Four Loko.

We take you to Michigan, JUST KIDDING! Of course this story happens in Florida. That is where Race broke into the Daytona Marina and Boat Works and stole a stole a 36-foot boat named “Ethel Jeanne” on Saturday around 4:45 in the morning. The stolen boat joy ride ended abruptly when the boat plowed into the beach at full-speed. I guess you could say, that’s when an intoxicated Jonathan Race, hit rock bottom.

Young Jonathan exited the beached boat and he would have gotten away with his crimes, but he made one small error. The slight miscalculation that Mr. Race made was to leave his pants on the disabled boat. His pants had his cellphone, his wallet, and his driver’s license. With all of that incriminating evidence, police were able to quickly track down Race.

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