Guy Missing Half His Skull Charged With Arson And Attempted Murder, And This Is The Most WTF Mugshot Ever

A 31-year-old Florida man missing half of his skull was arrested yesterday and charged with one count of First-Degree Arson and two counts of attempted felony murder. Upon being booked they snapped his mugshot. As I mentioned above the accused, Carlos Rodriguez of Miami, is missing half of his skull. Naturally, the moment this mugshot hit the airwaves it began to go viral within the #FloridaMan news circles (personally, I prefer #WTFlorida to #FloridaMan because it encompasses more weird news topics but to each his own):

NBC Miami reports:

Rodriguez appeared in bond court Tuesday but the public defender representing him asked for the hearing to be reset for Wednesday, saying Rodriguez may have some “mental issues.”
According to the arrest report, firefighters responded to a duplex in the 200 block of Northwest 61st Avenue after his mattress was set on fire. The report said two people live in the duplex next door.
The report said the fire was set deliberately “posing an immediate threat to the lives and safety of the occupants.”
Rodriguez gained fame in 2010 when he was arrested in Miami-Dade for allegedly soliciting a prostitute and his mugshot was posted on the internet. In YouTube videos, Rodriguez, who answers to the name “Halfy,” explains he injured his head after he hit a pole while driving, flew out the front window of the car and landed on his head.

To say that this man might be suffering from some ‘mental issues’ is putting it lightly. For starters, he’s missing HALF OF HIS FUCKING SKULL after flying out of a car and hitting a pole during a car accident. Consequently, he became famous as the criminal who is missing half of his skull. Just try and imagine, if you can, what your life would be like if a) you were missing half of your skull and b) you were famous as being ‘that guy’.

I question the cognitive damage that comes along with an accident so severe you lose half of your friggin’ skull, but I’m not a neurologist so I won’t begin to speculate.

Here’s Carlos ‘Halfy’ Rodriguez back in 2012, sending kids a very strong message about drugs:

Don’t do drugs, kids, or you’ll lose half of your skull and end up on the Internet in an article with ‘Florida Man’ in the headline.

…(h/t @BillyCorben via NBC Miami)…

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