Florida: 10 Strippers Arrested For Giving Lap Dances. Let Me Reiterate, STRIPPERS GOT ARRESTED FOR GIVING LAP DANCES

We take you to Casselberry, Florida, (About 25 minutes outside of Orlando) where ten strippers were arrested at Rachel’s World Class Gentlemen’s Club & Steakhouse after an undercover sting operation revealed that the entertainers were giving lap dances. Yes. You read that correctly, strippers were arrested for giving lap dances.

Rachel’s Men’s Club, bills itself as a “luxurious Adult Entertainment Complex and an award winning 5-Star Restaurant.” These lofty accolades seem to be true because the strip joint boasts a 4-star rating on Yelp. One patron wrote “Can compare to any top notch steakhouse in the area,” and another gentleman posted this glowing review:

The only gentlemen’s club you should enter when you visit Orlando. Clean and and classy. Steakhouse inside is no joke! Start with dinner and move over into the main room afterward.

Doesn’t seem like the type of place that would break the law and sully their upstanding reputation. But alas it appears as such.

Last weekend, undercover Seminole County deputies posed as customers and infiltrated the strip club. How many dedicated officers signed up for that “hard” assignment? “Sorry hunny, it’s my job. I hate to do it, but I have to go undercover and get lap dances at the strip club.”

Deputies received private dances and revealed that during each of the dances, part of the woman’s body touched them, which violates a county order.

You see, despite all the cockamamie shit that goes down in Florida, Seminole County has a “straddle-dance” ordinance that prohibits adult entertainers from making physical contact with a customer. Seems a bit excessive.

These ladies broke the law when their luscious bums bounced on the police officers’ dick-tent sweatpants.

The club promises that “our entertainers are all trained professionals dedicated to providing you with a quality product and a memorable occasion.” Well apparently one of the nine women REALLY tried to provide a “memorable” experience by telling a deputy that she would “party” with him for $350 an hour, which included “whatever you want.” She now faces a solicitation charge.

Another woman is facing a solicitation of alcohol charge after she allegedly had a deputy buy her and another employee alcohol.

Talk about the fucking fun police.


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