Florida Woman ‘Kicked In Bathroom Door’ While Boyfriend Was Showering And ‘Tried To Rip His Balls Off’

You know your relationship might be on shaky ground when your beloved partner is attempted to remove your genitalia. It’s not really a moment where you can look back at your 25th wedding anniversary and say to your love of your life, “Hey sweetheart, remember that time when we were young and crazy and I tried to rip your balls off?” Once you try to remove reproductive organs it’s kind of a deal breaker. I hope I’m wrong for the sake of Rosaire Francois, but she may have gone a smidge too far.

We take you to Ellenton, Florida where the 28-year-old Francois got into a verbal altercation with her boyfriend as they traveled in a car back to their apartment. The fight raged on once they arrived home, but the boyfriend tried to calm himself down by taking a nice, hot relaxing shower. However for Francois, the fight was not over. He was interrupted by Francois, who “kicked in the bathroom door and grabbed the victim by his testicles.” Something tells me that was not a sexy move to initiate foreplay.

Police say that the quarrel “then moved to the kitchen, where the offender grabbed the victim by the testicles and scratched the victim’s face.”

When cops arrived at the home, Francois was not shy about her handiwork, “I tried to rip his balls off.”

Francois was arrested on a misdemeanor domestic battery charge. Misdemeanor? You even pluck one pube off the sensitive and unprotected nut sack and it should be automatic felony.

Why couldn’t she marry the dude, then slowly take away his manhood day by day like every other woman?