Florida Woman Hides Weed Pipe In Her Vagina, Tells Cop It Belongs To Stepdaughter

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What a roller coaster of emotions for two Florida women last Saturday. They were driving in St. Petersburg when they was pulled over by police. The duo had a weed pipe in the car, but the quick thinking stepmother, who was sitting in the passenger seat, came up with a fool-proof plan to conceal the pipe – she stuck it in her vagina. Well, at least it wasn’t a bong.

Officer Caricia Martinez noticed that 55-year-old Trudy Kay Richardson was in the passenger seat of a Pontiac Grand Prix and holding a “blue glass marijuana pipe in her right hand.” Martinez said Trudy “placed her hand with pipe into the front of her pants and proceeded to place the item inside of her vagina.”

The officer then told her to stop putting the pipe in her cooter. “She was repeatedly instructed to stop and yet continued.”

Richardson, a nursing home employee, “spontaneously stated” that she was “so sorry for not listening and putting the pipe in my pussy.”

Trudy Richardson

Pinellas County Jail photo

That’s when the Richardson had a vicious moment of betrayal and blamed her stepdaughter. She said she put it in her pussy at the request of her stepdaughter and that the marijuana pipe belonged to her stepdaughter. Looks like Richarson is not getting a Mother’s Day gift.

The police report stated that the pipe contained “burnt residue” and smelled of marijuana. I would have guessed that she smelled like scratch-offs and disappointment, but close enough.

The officer searched the vehicle and found two plastic bags containing marijuana remnants and a second glass pipe. Thankfully it was found in the console and not a case of one in the pink and one in the stink.

Richardson was arrested for possession of drug paraphernalia and resisting an officer without violence, both misdemeanors. She was released from jail after posting $300 bond. The stepdaughter does not appear to have been arrested.

Maybe we should hook this wonderful woman up with J.R. Smith?


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