Florida Woman Threatens Man With A Hatchet After He Refused To Have Sex With Her

Leslie Mills went out drinking on Wednesday night. She returned to a residence in Ocala, Florida early Thursday morning and Leslie was feeling a bit randy. She was “dressed in just a bathrobe” and began harassing a sleeping man, who also lived in the home. She wasn’t requesting a hearty meal to prevent a nasty hangover, she was badgering the man to “engage in sexual activity with her.” He rebuffed her advances. She got upset. Really upset.

He moved from the bedroom to the couch to try to evade the drunk woman. But the 26-year-old woman followed, got on top of him and continued to demand sex. No means no.

The man then retreated to the bathroom, and locked the door. The aggressive woman pounded on the bathroom door, and was able to push open the door. Leslie was wielding a hatchet that had been “removed from a living room wall.”

What? Who has a hatchet as their home decor? Are they firefighters?

Also, there could possibly be nothing that would make my penis retract like frightened turtle head back into the shell more than an infuriated woman with a razor-edged hatchet in her hand.

The man wrestled the hatchet from the attacker’s hands after she raised the weapon and “appeared to be preparing to strike him.” I guess you could say she didn’t cut it.

The victim fled the home and called 911.

Mills was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, a felony, and misdemeanor domestic battery. She was free on $5,500 bond.

The moral of the story is never put your dick in crazy, no matter what.