Florida Woman Drops Racial And Homophobic Slurs On Upstairs Neighbor, Then Threatens To Shoot Him Because He Walks Too Loud

I have lived all of my adult life in apartments and every single time I purposely select living on the top floor for the sole reason that I don’t have an upstair neighbor. I recognize that apartments aren’t generally made to be soundproof so the lower neighbor has to hear every footstep, every dropped frozen water bottle and every time you tackle your friend with a surprise RKO. Sure my apartment is hot as fuck in the summer, but at least I can sleep well at night and don’t have to hear upstairs rolling bowling balls or some shit. This woman has reached her breaking point with her upstairs neighbor and his stomping feet so she takes it to a level that it should have never escalated to.

Paul Davis resides in a self-described “luxury apartment” complex in Tampa, Florida. His downstairs neighbors have had altercations in the past from Paul’s alleged stomping. To counter the loud footsteps the woman plays loud bassy music. Davis maintains that he doesn’t purposely stomp and that the ceilings are paper-thin.

Sadly, the woman’s husband died only days ago and the woman definitely appears to be affected by the grief because she comes to Paul’s apartment and unleashes a verbal tirade that far exceeds a harmless stomping incident. Apparently this video started after she had been screaming racial slurs and making threats for five minutes. But don’t you fret because the woman throws in plenty of racial and homophobic slurs in this 11-minute video. She even goes so far as to threaten to shoot and kill Davis for walking in his apartment. The woman even knows when Paul takes a piss, which totally isn’t creepy at all.

I don’t know if this woman suffers from a mental illness or if her husband’s death triggered an unreasonable anger that is consuming her or she’s just a straight up nasty woman who is always confrontational. Whatever the reason it doesn’t give you an excuse to act in this manner. Her poor, poor, poor son. He knows his mom is in the wrong, but he’s got to stick up for her a little bit because she is and always will be his mom. He does his best to increase the peace, but his mother is more than a handful to say it politely.

Paul does admit that he should have ended the altercation sooner, but was hoping to iron out their differences through friendly discourse which of course did not come close to happening.

“I recognize I could have closed the door much sooner. I wanted to hear her out and I didn’t want her to leave with the false sense that it would be fixed and thinking the “stomping” would stop because I have never intentionally stomped. I walk around in socks or bare feet 90% of the time but she never took the time to really hear me out.

Also yes – I think the son was cool as a cucumber here and seemed like a nice guy and he and I probably could have talked it out nicely if given a real chance but we never got that.”

Paul said he called the police, but they never showed up.

ProTip: Always. Always. Always move into the top apartment.

P.S. How much fucking Red Bull in that can? Paul seems to take 37 sips from the small beverage container.