Food Truck Owner With Incredibly Offensive Menu Item Claims ‘I Didn’t Mean To Offend Anyone’

A Detroit food truck owner is claiming that his ridiculous offensive description of cheese sticks wasn’t meant to be offensive. He was just “making a joke.”

According to ABC News 7:

The mozzarella cheese sticks are listed alongside other side options. The description says, “Not just breaded, they’re battered, like your wife. With your choice of sauces or ranch dressing.”

Looking for an explanation, reporter Ronnie Dahl caught up with the Dago Joe’s food truck Tuesday afternoon, near Campus Martius Park in downtown Detroit.

Owner Joe Sciamanna explained the menu description, saying, “It was just a joke.”

“It was just a joke! I needed a way to sell mozzarella sticks and figured “what will really get a person in the mood for fried cheese? Perhaps the thoughts of abused women. Women abused at the hands of the their husband. A guy who beat her so bad he worked up an appetite. What does he want? Mozzarella sticks! So, you see, the dots all connect…”

While they remained untouched on the truck’s website menu, the words “like your wife” had been lightly colored over on the menu posted to the side of the truck.” They could still be read clearly.

Sciamanna says the words were previous covered up by something on the side of the truck, but the covering was no longer there.

“Most people get it,” he said of the menu description. “We’re fun. We’d never condone anything like that.”

We’d never condone hitting a woman! Especially a woman smart enough to stop by the truck and bring her husband some delicious fried cheese on her way home. And if she doesn’t [waves fist around]

[via ABC 7 Detroit]

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