This Guy Came Up With A Foolproof Way To Get Out Of Jury Duty

by 5 years ago
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We all know how much it can suck to be called for jury duty and to have to deal with “these people.” So sometimes people try to come up with creative ways to get out of doing their civic duty. James Lowe of Barnet, Vermont is one of those people.

According to the Caledonian Record, Lowe was called for jury duty, showed up on time, and joined his fellow prospective jurors before selection proceedings. That’s when deputies told him to step out into an empty courtroom to meet with the judge in the case.


Because he was wearing a prisoner uniform. Genius.

The judge told Lowe that he could have been found in contempt of court, but instead just let him leave.

Lowe’s response was that juror instructions don’t restrict what clothing you are allowed to wear and was happy to be released.

Dare you to try that next time your number is called. Double dare you. And if you do, please let us know how that works out for you.

H/T HuffPo; Prisoner costume image by Shutterstock

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