The Formula To Achieving The Perfect Orgasm Has Finally Been Revealed, We Think

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perfect orgasm formula


Put away that Cosmo you’ve been hiding, stop reading those stories in Hustler, we’ve finally got the formula for achieving the perfect orgasm.

Thanks to a poll of 1,000 women and 600 men by Ann Summers (they sell cool sex toys and lingerie and other goodies), we now know what we need to do.

Are you ready for it? Okay, here goes…

As always, ladies first.

perfect orgasm formula women

Ann Summers

Wine (24%) + foreplay (24%) + sex toys (35%) + long term partner (45%) – stress (25%) = equals bliss.

And now the men…

perfect orgasm formula men

Ann Summers

Naughty film (35%) + doggy style (31%) AND girl on top (21%) + lubricant (11%) + long term partner (43%) – alcohol (24%) = and you’re golden.

I knew someday we’d get this whole thing figured out. Happy humping.

H/T Metro; Sex image by Shutterstock

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